Noss Mayo Residential Care Home

financial arrangements and fees -

The fees charged are dependant on:

  1. The type of facility required
  2. The type of care package and needs of the service user.

Depending on the financial situation of the individual, you may pay privately or be assisted by Social Services.

Fees - What is included?

  1. Experienced staff in attendance for 24 hours.
  2. Personal Care
  3. Staff Training
  4. Home Cooked food with attention to special diets
  5. Hotel Services
  6. GP visits as required
  7. Call bell system and fire alarms
  8. Maintenance of the building
  9. Purchase of necessary equipment
  10. Full central heating

Fees - What is not included?

  1. Outgoings and Social escorts
  2. Dry cleaning and major repairs to clothing
  3. Hairdressing
  4. Private chiropody visits
  5. Private phone installation
  6. Newspapers for an individual